11-Year-Old Girl Hospitalized After Hot Water Is Thrown On Her


An 11-year-old girl was sleeping in her house when boiling hot water was poured on her face.

In Bronx, New York Jamoniesha Merrit was having a sleep over in her family’s apartment when her friend 12-year-old Aniya Grant, poured the hot water on her.

The incident happened at 4 am, and Merrit was quickly taken to Harlem Hospital with third-degree burns to the face.

In anger and frustration, Ebony Merrit the mother of the victim went to the home of Grant’s mother, Shernett Panton, to confront her.

According to ABC News,  Merrit screamed, “I’m going to cut your face, you f-ing b—-h! I’m going to burn your f-ing house down! You let this happen to my daughter!”

The attacker is allegedly being charged in juvenile court. She has been under suicide watch at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center after trying to stab herself with a knife after the incident.

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(Source: ABC News & Hello Beautiful)


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